Part I.  General Obligation Bonds


     39-1 Authorization to issue; amount

     39-2 Application of proceeds

     39-3 Allotments; appropriations

     39-4 Details of bonds

     39-5 Sale of bonds

     39-6 Premiums to general fund

     39-7 Form and execution of bonds

     39-8 Same, signatures

     39-9 CUSIP numbers

    39-10 Support facility for variable rate bonds

    39-11 Bonds tax exempt; first charge on general fund

    39-12 Payment, principal and interest

    39-13 Fiscal and paying agents and registrars

    39-14 Federal tax exempt status; preference; protection

    39-15 Bond anticipation notes

    39-16 Refunding bonds authorized

    39-17 Validation of proceedings

    39-18 Bonds negotiable, incontestable

    39-19 Aviation fuel tax, pledge


        Part II.  Lost, Stolen, Destroyed, or Defaced

                  Bonds and Coupons

    39-31 Duplicates

    39-32 Payment to be made

    39-33 Method of issuance and payment

    39-34 Disputed ownership


        Part III.  Revenue Bonds

    39-51 Definitions

    39-52 Declaration of policy

    39-53 Additional powers of departments

    39-54 Authorization of revenue bonds; details of revenue


    39-55 Sale of revenue bonds

    39-56 Form and execution of revenue bonds

    39-57 Same, signatures

    39-58 CUSIP numbers

    39-59 Support facility for variable rate revenue bonds

    39-60 Covenants in resolution or certificate authorizing

          issuance of revenue bonds

    39-61 Rates, rentals, fees, and charges; undertakings and

          loan programs to be self-sustaining

    39-62 Use of revenue and user taxes by any undertaking, loan

          program, or the Hawaii hurricane relief fund

    39-63 Lien and charge of revenue bonds

    39-64 Revenue bonds not a general or moral obligation of


    39-65 Undertaking, loan program, and revenue bonds exempt

          from taxation

    39-66 Federal tax-exempt status; preference; protection

    39-67 Revenue bonds legal investments

    39-68 Duties of the director

    39-69 Investment of reserves, etc.

    39-70 Bond anticipation notes

    39-71 Refunding revenue obligations

    39-72 Transfers to department

    39-73 Consent of governmental agencies

    39-74 General laws applicable

    39-75 Construction

    39-76 Validation of proceedings


        Part IV.  State Debt Limit Statement and the

                  Determination of Total Outstanding

                  Indebtedness, the Exclusions Therefrom, and

                  Certification Thereof

    39-91 Definitions

    39-92 State debt limit statement

    39-93 Statement of total outstanding indebtedness of the

          State and the exclusions permitted therefrom

    39-94 Arrangement of statements and schedules and forms;



        Part V.  Statement on Special Purpose Revenue


   39-101 Renumbered


        Part VI.  Legislative Determination and Legislative

                  Certification as to Bonds Issued for

                  Assessable Improvements

   39-111 Legislative determination

   39-112 Legislative certification as to bonds issued for

          assessable improvements


        Part VII.  General Provisions

   39-151 Compound interest bond reserve fund



   39-161 Definitions

   39-162 Perfection of a security interest

   39-163 Priority of a security interest

   39-164 Enforcement of a security interest


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