Part I.  Preparation of Budget--Repealed


     37-1 to 14 Repealed


        Part II.  Allotment System

    37-31 Intent and policy

    37-32 Quarterly allotment periods

    37-33 Funds to which allotment system applies

    37-34 Appropriations available for allotment; estimate of


  37-34.5 Department of education; allotment and expenditure

          plan; updates

 37-34.6, 34.7 Repealed

    37-35 Estimated expenditures; approval

    37-36 Modification

    37-37 Reduction

    37-38 Allotment according to classification prescribed in


    37-39 Reduction of allotted amounts for objects and items

    37-40 Exceptions; trust funds

    37-41 Appropriations to revert to state treasury;


  37-41.5 Department of education; carryover of funds

    37-42 Allotment as limit of expenditures; liability for

          excessive expenditure

    37-43 Capital improvement project allotment process

   37-44, 45 Repealed

    37-46 Transfers of non-general funds to the general funds

    37-47 Reporting of non-general fund information

    37-48 Non-general fund program measures reports

    37-49 Non-general fund cost element reports


        Part III.  Budgetary Control of Special Funds

    37-51 Abolition of special funds; legislative purpose

    37-52 Provisions applicable to special funds

  37-52.3 Criteria for the establishment and continuance of

          special funds

  37-52.4 Criteria for the establishment and continuance of

          revolving funds

  37-52.5 Criteria for the establishment and continuance of

          administratively established accounts and funds

    37-53 Transfer of special funds

    37-54 Deposit of state funds in treasury


        Part IV.  The Executive Budget

    37-61 Short title

    37-62 Definitions

    37-63 Statement of policy

    37-64 Governing principles

    37-65 Responsibilities of the governor

    37-66 Responsibilities of the legislature

    37-67 Responsibilities of the department of budget and


    37-68 Responsibilities of agencies

  37-68.5 Position ceiling

    37-69 The six-year program and financial plan

    37-70 Program memoranda

    37-71 The budget

    37-72 Supplemental budget

    37-73 Legislative review

    37-74 Program execution

    37-75 Variance report

    37-76 Publication

    37-77 Claims for legislative relief

  37-77.5 Claims against the State; remedial measures

    37-78 Schedule of implementation


        Part V.  General Fund Expenditure Ceiling

    37-91 Definitions

    37-92 Proposed general fund appropriations; executive

          branch; judicial branch

    37-93 Legislature

    37-94 Director of finance; duties


        Part VI.  Council on Revenues

   37-111 Council on revenues

   37-112 Use of estimates

   37-113 Repealed

 37-113.1 Council on revenues; estimate of total personal



        Part VII.  Routine Repair and Maintenance

   37-121 Routine repair and maintenance; definitions

   37-122 Routine repair and maintenance funding needs; report

          to legislature


Attorney General Opinions


  Common law principle authorizing recipient government agencies to accept and use gifts in accordance with donor's terms, provided terms are not illegal, has been incorporated in chapter's provisions governing trust funds.  Att. Gen. Op. 92-4.