[28-162] Definitions. As used in this part:

"Business location" or "place of business" means the entire premises occupied by a retailer of electronic smoking devices and shall include but is not limited to any store, stand, outlet, vehicle, cart, location, vending machine, or structure from which electronic smoking devices are sold or distributed to a consumer.

"Electronic smoking device" means any electronic product that can be used to aerosolize and deliver nicotine or other substances to the person inhaling from the device, including but not limited to an electronic cigarette, electronic cigar, electronic cigarillo, or electronic pipe, and any cartridge or other component of the device or related product.

"Entity" means one or more individuals, a company, corporation, a partnership, an association, or any other type of legal entity.

"Retail sale" or "electronic smoking device retailing" means the practice of selling electronic smoking devices to consumers. [L 2018, c 206, pt of 4]



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