[28‑141]  Surveillance review unit. There is established in the department of the attorney general a surveillance review unit, which shall be responsible for reviewing all applications for interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications under chapter 803 prior to their submittal to a designated judge, regardless of whether submitted by county or state investigative or law enforcement officers. A surveillance review unit deputy attorney general shall review the application in a timely manner to ensure it meets the requirements of part IV of chapter 803 and applicable law and recommend any necessary additions or changes to the application. Thereafter, the surveillance review unit deputy attorney general shall prepare a written memorandum recommending approval or disapproval of the application, which shall be submitted to the district court judge or designated judge with the application. The attorney general shall establish standards and procedures for the timely review of these applications to ensure continuity and conformity with applicable law. [L 2006, c 200, 1]



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