[28-131] Drug nuisance abatement unit. (a) There is established in the department of the attorney general a drug nuisance abatement unit.

(b) The unit shall employ such attorneys, auditors, investigators, and other personnel as necessary to promote the effective and efficient conduct of the unit's activities. Except for the attorneys, all other employees of the drug nuisance abatement unit shall be subject to chapter 76.

(c) The purpose of the drug nuisance abatement unit shall be to provide for the effective enforcement and prosecution of those violations of the drug nuisance abatement laws under chapter 712, part V but only for offenses related to drugs and intoxicating compounds as provided under chapter 712, part IV. The drug nuisance [abatement] unit may also review and take appropriate action on drug nuisance complaints of any citizen of the State, or drug nuisances that are discovered by the unit in carrying out its activities. [L 2003, c 63, 1]



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