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Rights of victims and witnesses in criminal proceedings, see chapter 801D.


28-101 Witness security and protection. (a) The attorney general shall establish a statewide witness program through which the attorney general may fund or provide for the security and protection of a government witness or a potential government witness in an official proceeding or investigation where the attorney general determines that an offense described in section 710-1071 (intimidating a witness), 710-1072 (tampering with a witness), or 710-1072.2 (retaliating against a witness) is likely to be committed or involves great public interest. The attorney general may also fund or provide for the security and protection of the immediate family of, or a person otherwise closely associated with, the witness or potential witness if the family or person may also be endangered. In determining whether the funds or security and protection are to be provided, the attorney general shall give greatest priority to official proceedings or investigations involving pending or potential organized crime, racketeering activity, promoting prostitution, sex trafficking, or career criminal prosecutions.

(b) In connection with the security and protection of a witness, a potential witness, or an immediate family member or close associate of a witness or potential witness, the attorney general may fund or take any action the attorney general determines to be necessary to protect such person from bodily injury, or to assure the person's health, safety, and welfare, for as long as, in the judgment of the attorney general, such danger exists.

(c) Any county or state prosecuting attorney or law enforcement agency may request the security and protection provided by the attorney general or funding from the attorney general for the purpose of implementing county witness security and protection, or for contracting or arranging for security provided by other state or federal agencies such as the United States Marshals Service. Requests shall be made and approved in a timely and equitable manner as established by the attorney general.

(d) The attorney general may condition the provision of security and protection or funding upon a county matching basis or reimbursement in whole or in part by a county government to the State for the cost of such witness security and protection or for the funds granted. Such reimbursement shall be appropriate when security and protection are provided or funding is granted on an emergency basis where the provision of such protection is primarily a county responsibility.

(e) The county prosecuting attorneys, the county police departments, and all other law enforcement agencies in the State shall cooperate with the attorney general to implement a statewide witness security program. Appropriations for the purposes authorized by this section shall be made to and administered by the attorney general, who may also receive and use gifts, moneys, services, or assistance from any private source to implement the purposes of this section. [L 1982, c 231, 1; gen ch 1985; am L 2011, c 145, 1; am L 2016, c 206, 1]



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