[28-71] Organized crime unit. There is established in the department of the attorney general an organized crime unit.

The organized crime unit shall consist of attorneys, and other specialized personnel necessary to implement this section. They shall be appointed by the attorney general who shall fix their compensation. Every attorney and specialist shall be entitled to hold the attorney's and specialist's position during good behavior, subject to removal by the attorney general only as provided in chapter 76.

The organized crime unit shall:

(1) Receive, gather, and analyze information;

(2) Develop tactical and strategic intelligence;

(3) Assist in control of organized criminal activity;

(4) Provide technical assistance and training to county law enforcement agencies in the detection and prosecution of organized crime; and

(5) Provide with the attorney general's approval specialized personnel and technological equipment for the use of law enforcement agencies in the State with respect to organized crime.

For purposes of this section, "organized crime" means the unlawful activities of the members of an organized association engaged in supplying illegal goods and services, including but not limited to gambling, prostitution, loan sharking, narcotics, labor racketeering, and other unlawful activities of members of such organizations. [L 1971, c 108, 1; gen ch 1993]


Cross References


Organized crime control, see chapter 842.



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