28-10.6 Crime research, prevention, and education; administrator and staff. (a) The department of the attorney general shall initiate, develop, and perform or coordinate programs, projects, and activities, as determined by the attorney general, on the subject of crime, including but not limited to crime research, prevention, and education. The attorney general may:

(1) Research, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding crime, crime prevention, and the criminal justice system to the governor, the legislature, the judiciary, criminal justice agencies, or the general public, as appropriate;

(2) Develop and implement or coordinate statewide crime prevention programs and activities including:

(A) Providing crime prevention training programs for law enforcement agencies, citizens, businesses, and civic groups; and

(B) Assisting in the organization of crime prevention teams in communities to encourage the development of community crime prevention programs;

(3) Develop public education programs through various broadcast or print media to provide to the general public information that will assist citizens in developing the knowledge and confidence to prevent crime and to avoid becoming victims of crime;

(4) Establish, as deemed by the attorney general to be necessary or appropriate, citizen and government agency representative study teams to study specific crime subjects or criminal justice system problems, in order to obtain input or advice from a more specialized segment of the criminal justice or public community on those specific matters; and

(5) Establish trust funds or accounts and receive and expend financial grants and donations for crime research, prevention, or education.

(b) The attorney general may employ, without regard to chapter 76, and at the attorney general's pleasure dismiss, an administrator to oversee and carry out the programs, projects, and activities on the subject of crime, as set forth in subsection (a). The attorney general may also employ other support staff, in accordance with chapter 76, necessary for the performance or coordination of the programs, projects, and activities on the subject of crime. [L 1989, c 332, pt of 1; am L 2000, c 253, 150; am L 2006, c 300, 5]


Case Notes


This section does not authorize the prosecuting attorney to use public funds and resources to advocate for a proposed constitutional amendment in a general election. 113 H. 446, 153 P.3d 1131.



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