28-10 Prohibition on private practice of law by the attorney general, first deputy, and other deputies. The attorney general, the attorney general's first deputy, and other deputies shall devote their entire time and attention to the duties of their respective offices. They shall not engage in the private practice of law, nor accept any fees or emoluments other than their official salaries for any legal services. This section shall not apply to any special deputy employed on a part-time basis for a limited period. [L 1953, c 105, 9; RL 1955, 30-10; am L 1957, c 180, 2; HRS 28-10; am L 1982, c 68, 2; gen ch 1985]


Case Notes


Disqualification after retirement from office. See 33 H. 305; 49 H. 252, 413 P.2d 249.



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