28-3 Gives opinions. The attorney general shall, when requested, give opinions upon questions of law submitted by the governor, the legislature, or its members, or the head of any department. The attorney general shall file a copy of each opinion with the lieutenant governor, the public archives, the supreme court library, and the legislative reference bureau within three days of the date it is issued. Opinions on file with the lieutenant governor, the public archives, and the supreme court library shall be available for public inspection. The legislative reference bureau shall furnish the members of the legislature with a list of the most recent opinions filed with the bureau, at least once a year, not later than twenty days before the beginning of each regular session. [L 1866, p 17; RL 1925, 1488; RL 1935, 502; RL 1945, 1503; RL 1955, 30-3; am L 1961, c 98, 1; HRS 28-3; am L 1988, c 88, 1]



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