28-2 Prosecutes offenders, enforces bonds. The attorney general shall be vigilant and active in detecting offenders against the laws of the State, and shall prosecute the same with diligence. The attorney general shall also enforce all bonds and other obligations in favor of the State that may be placed in the attorney general's hands for that purpose, by any person having the lawful custody of the papers; and the attorney general shall likewise be diligent in prosecuting all persons who may obstruct any street, channel, harbor, wharf, or other highway, or any stream or public watercourse, or commit any trespass, or waste on any portion of the public domain, or other public property. [L 1866, p 17; RL 1925, 1487; RL 1935, 501; RL 1945, 1502; RL 1955, 30-2; HRS 28-2; gen ch 1993]


Case Notes


Duties in connection with divorce matters. 35 H. 849.

Supersession of county prosecutor upheld. 63 H. 424, 629 P.2d 1126.



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