[27-44] Electronic data set availability; updates. (a) Each executive branch department shall use reasonable efforts to make appropriate and existing electronic data sets maintained by the department electronically available to the public through the State's open data portal at data.hawaii.gov or successor website designated by the chief information officer; provided that:

(1) Nothing in this chapter shall require departments to create new electronic data sets or to make data sets available upon demand;

(2) Data licensed to the State by another person or entity shall not be made public under this chapter unless the person or entity licensing the data agrees to the public disclosure; and

(3) Proprietary and other information protected from disclosure by law or contract shall not be disclosed.

Such disclosure shall be consistent with the policies, procedures, and standards developed by the chief information officer and consistent with applicable law, including chapter 92F and other state and federal laws related to security and privacy, and no personally identifiable information shall be posted online unless the identified individual has consented to the posting or the posting is necessary to fulfill the lawful purposes or duties of the department.

(b) Nothing in this chapter shall require the chief information officer to adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91 and nothing in this chapter shall supersede chapter 27G.

(c) Each department shall update its electronic data sets in the manner prescribed by the chief information officer and as often as is necessary to preserve the integrity and usefulness of the data sets to the extent that the department regularly maintains or updates the data sets. [L 2013, c 263, pt of 2]



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