27-1 Functions of statewide concern. The purpose of the chapter is to fix responsibility for certain functions, which are of statewide concern, in the state government. These functions which are declared to be state functions are as follows:

(1) Planning, construction, improvement and maintenance of public school facilities and grounds and the transportation of school children; provided that nothing in this paragraph shall preclude the several counties from expending their own funds to supplement state funds;

(2) Burial of indigents;

(3) Planning, construction, improvement, maintenance, and operation of public hospitals and other public health and medical facilities;

(4) Rendering of medical treatment and hospitalization services to state and county pensioners;

(5) Administration and operation of district courts; and

(6) Providing information and services to the public through joint cooperation with the several counties. [L 1965, c 97, 2; Supp, 14B-1; HRS 27-1; am L 1968, c 38, 2; am L 1975, c 150, 2]


Case Notes


Cited re allowing counties to supplement education funds. 411 U.S. 1.

Paragraph (1) is unconstitutional to extent it authorizes appropriations for transportation of nonpublic school children. 51 H. 1, 449 P.2d 130.

Cited: 56 H. 582, 545 P.2d 684.



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