Part I.  General Provisions


     27-1 Functions of statewide concern

     27-2 Assignment of functions by governor; report

     27-3 Rights and powers transferred; bond obligations

     27-4 Offenses and penalties not affected; suits and actions

     27-5 Modification to preserve federal aid or bond


     27-6 Extended state information and services provided

     27-7 Departmental data sharing


        Part II.  Schools

    27-11 Planning, construction, and improvements of public

          school facilities and grounds; custodial and janitorial

          services for public schools; transportation of school


   27-12, 13 Repealed

    27-14 Transfer of real property

    27-15 Repealed


        Part III.  Health

   27-21, 21.1, 21.2, 21.3 Repealed

  27-21.4 Transfer of real property

  27-21.5 Repealed

  27-21.6 Functions reassigned to the counties

   27-22, 22.5, 22.7, 23, 24 Repealed


        Part IV.  Junior Police

    27-26 Junior police officer training programs


        Part V.  Highways; Parks; Historical Sites

    27-31 Maintenance of state highways

    27-32 Maintenance of state parks


        Part VI.  Review

    27-36 Repealed


        Part VII.  Technology

    27-41 Special advisor for technology development

  27-41.1 Definitions

    27-42 Repealed

    27-43 Office of enterprise technology services; chief

          information officer; information technology steering

          committee; establishment; responsibilities

  27-43.5 Additional duties of the chief information officer

          relating to security of government information

  27-43.6 Additional duties of the chief information officer

          relating to independent verification and validation of

          information technology projects of the executive branch

    27-44 Electronic data set availability; updates

  27-44.1 State liability for data sets

  27-44.2 Data set licensing

  27-44.3 Data set policies and procedures

    27-45 Broadband-related permits; automatic approval


        Part VIII.  Hawaii Performance Partnerships Board

    27-51 Hawaii performance partnerships board; establishment

    27-52 Duties of the board

    27-53 Annual report

    27-54 Data collection relating to the well-being of Hawaii's

          children and families


Cross References


  Uniform electronic transactions act, see chapter 489E.


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