26-3 Position of administrative director created. The governor shall appoint, and may remove, an administrative director, without regard to chapter 76. The administrative director shall be experienced in the operations of government. The administrative director shall assist the governor by gathering and collating information concerning the functioning of the state government, by establishing and maintaining liaison among the several departments, by preparing the agenda for cabinet meetings, by administering management improvement programs, and in such other manner as the governor may direct.

The administrative director shall be a member of the state employees' retirement system and shall be included under the operations of the federal social security program or any other state or federal employee benefit program generally applicable to officers and employees of the State. [L 1959, c 273, 1, 2; am L 1962, c 28, 24; am L 1965, c 223, 8(a); Supp, 14A-7; HRS 26-3; gen ch 1985; am L 2000, c 253, 150]



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