§25-8  Records, reports.  The commission shall keep a written record of its meetings and hearings and shall submit a written report to the legislature twenty days prior to the regular session next convening. [L 1969, c 79, §8; am L 1992, c 320, §4]


Law Journals and Reviews


  Ensuring the Right to Equal Representation:  How to Prepare or Challenge Legislative Reapportionment Plans.  5 UH L. Rev. 1.


Case Notes


  Reapportionment and redistricting of senatorial and representative districts for the State effective as of the 1982 elections.  552 F. Supp. 554.

  Departure from strict adherence to allocation under method of equal proportions permitted to balance off inequities.  55 H. 85, 515 P.2d 1253.

  Determination that first senatorial district shall consist of the whole island of Hawaii does not violate criterion set forth in article III, §4 of the state constitution that "insofar as practicable, districts shall be compact."  55 H. 89, 515 P.2d 1249.