§23G-3  General purposes of bureau.  The purpose of the office of the legislative reference bureau shall be to:

     (1)  Provide a comprehensive research and reference service on legislative problems for the legislature;

     (2)  Conduct impartial research, including legal research, as may be necessary for the enactment of substantive legislation, upon request by the legislature, legislative committees, or legislators, or on its own initiative;

     (3)  Disseminate its research findings to the legislature on all research projects undertaken upon the request of the legislature or legislative committees;

     (4)  Secure reports of various officers and boards of the State and as far as may be of the states and of the other territories of the United States and such other material, periodicals, or books as will furnish the fullest information practicable upon all matters pertaining to current or proposed legislative problems;

     (5)  Secure information for the legislature, legislative committees, and legislators by cooperating with the legislative reference services in the states and with the legislative service conference maintained by the council of state governments;

     (6)  Maintain a reference library for use by the legislature and legislative service agencies.  Subject to the priorities established by the director, reference materials may be made available to the various departments and agencies of the State and the general public;

     (7)  Draft or aid in drafting bills, resolutions, memorials, and amendments thereto, including committee reports, for the legislature, legislative committees, and legislators when requested;

     (8)  Control and maintain the operations of any legislative data processing program as may be established;

     (9)  Serve, upon request, in an advisory capacity to the legislature and its committees on all matters within its competencies and responsibilities;

    (10)  Assist, upon request, legislative service agencies on matters within its competency;

    (11)  Perform the function of statute revision and publication of session laws, supplements, and replacement volumes; and

    (12)  Maintain the public access room established by chapter 21G. [L 1972, c 171, pt of §2; am L Sp 1977 1st, c 8, §2; am L 1996, c 174, §3]