Part heading added by L Sp 1977 1st, c 8, 4.


23G-1 Legislative reference bureau; director, appointment, tenure, removal, compensation, vacancy. The office of the legislative reference bureau is established. The legislature, by a majority vote of each house in joint session, shall appoint a director for the bureau who shall serve for a period of six years and thereafter until a successor shall have been appointed. The legislature, by two-thirds vote of the members in joint session, may remove or suspend the director from office, but only for neglect of duty, misconduct, or disability.

If the director dies, resigns, becomes ineligible to serve, or is removed or suspended from office, the first assistant to the director shall become the acting director until a new director is appointed.

Effective July 1, 2005, the salary of the director shall be the same as the salary of the director of health. The salary of the director shall not be diminished during the director's term of office, unless by general law applying to all salaried officers of the State. [L 1972, c 171, pt of 2; am L 1975, c 58, 32; am L 1982, c 129, 30(1); gen ch 1985; am L 1986, c 128, 28(1); am L 1989, c 329, 18(1); am L 2005, c 225, 3]


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