[21E-4] Powers and duties. The committee shall be responsible for establishing general policy and evaluating, supervising, and coordinating activities among the legislative service agencies. The committee shall:

(1) Determine the types, quantity, and quality of tasks to be assigned to each legislative service agency within statutory limitations; provided that with respect to direction to the auditor to conduct investigations pursuant to Article VII, section 10 of the Constitution of the State, direction shall be by both houses of the legislature;

(2) Evaluate and recommend the budget of each legislative service agency to the legislature;

(3) Approve annually the salary pay ranges to be used in determining the salaries of the staffs of legislative service agencies. Legislative service agency directors shall determine the salaries to be paid to their respective staffs in accordance with the pay ranges. Each legislative service agency director shall file a report annually with the committee setting forth the salaries paid to their respective staffs;

(4) Meet at times as it may determine to carry out its policy-making duties;

(5) Evaluate ways to improve legislative service agency staff services and organization, including but not limited to: operations of legislative service agencies, management of legislative business, legislative compensation, legislative information systems, legislative office space, and efficient use of state capitol facilities;

(6) Supervise the development, operation, and maintenance of legislative information processing systems, including but not limited to approving and monitoring joint computer operations in the legislative process;

(7) Adopt rules as necessary for the purposes of this chapter; and

(8) Do all things necessary and proper to carry out the purposes of this chapter. [L 1990, c 127, pt of 2]


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