21-10 Conduct of hearings. (a) All hearings of an investigating committee shall be public unless the committee, by two-thirds vote of all of its members, determines that a hearing should not be open to the public in a particular instance.

(b) The chairperson of an investigating committee, if present and able to act, shall preside at all hearings of the committee and shall conduct the examination of witnesses alone or supervise examination by other members of the committee, the committee's counsel, or members of the committee's staff who are so authorized. In the chairperson's absence or disability, the vice-chairperson shall serve as presiding officer. The committee shall provide by its rules for the selection of a presiding officer to act in the absence or disability of both the chairperson and the vice-chairperson.

(c) No hearing, or part thereof, shall be televised, filmed, or broadcast except upon approval of the committee, by majority vote of all of its members. [L 1969, c 211, pt of 1; gen ch 1985, 1993]


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