21-2 Definitions. As used in this chapter:

"Hearing" means any meeting in the course of an investigatory proceeding, other than a preliminary conference or interview at which no testimony is taken under oath, conducted by an investigating committee for the purpose of taking testimony or receiving other evidence. A hearing may be open to the public or closed to the public.

"Investigating committee" means any of the following which are authorized to compel the attendance and testimony of witnesses or the production of books, records, papers, and documents for the purpose of securing information on a specific subject for the use of the legislature:

(1) A standing or special or select committee or committee of the whole of either house of the legislature;

(2) A joint committee of both houses;

(3) An authorized subcommittee of a legislative committee; and

(4) Any body created by law, the members of which may include nonlegislators.

"Public hearing" means any hearing open to the public, or the proceedings of which are made available to the public. [L 1969, c 211, pt of 1]


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Numeric designations deleted and definitions rearranged.


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