§11-155  Certification of results of election.  On receipt of certified tabulations from the election officials concerned, the chief election officer, or county clerk in a county election, shall compile, certify, and release the election results after the expiration of the time for bringing an election contest.  The certification shall be based on a comparison and reconciliation of the following:

     (1)  The results of the canvass of ballots conducted pursuant to chapter 16;

     (2)  The audit of pollbooks (and related record books) and resultant overage and underage report;

     (3)  The audit results of the manual audit team;

     (4)  The results of the absentee ballot reconciliation report compiled by the clerks;

     (5)  The results of any mandatory recount of votes conducted pursuant to section 11-158; and

     (6)  All logs, tally sheets, and other documents generated during the election and in the canvass of the election results.

A certificate of election or a certificate of results declaring the results of the election as of election day shall be issued pursuant to section 11-156; provided that in the event of an overage or underage, a list of all precincts in which an overage or underage occurred shall be attached to the certificate.  The number of candidates to be elected receiving the highest number of votes in any election district shall be declared to be elected.  Unless otherwise provided, the term of office shall begin or end as of the close of polls on election day.  The position on the question receiving the appropriate majority of the votes cast shall be reflected in a certificate of results issued pursuant to section 11-156. [L 1970, c 26, pt of §2; am L 1980, c 264, §1(b); am L 1986, c 305, §3; am L 1997, c 61, §2; am L 2019, c 135, §2]


Attorney General Opinions


  When board of education members can assume official duties. Att. Gen. Op. 86-21.



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