§11-109  Voter service centers; places of deposit.  (a)  Voter service centers shall be established by the clerks to service the particular needs of each county's voters.

     (b)  In each county, a voter service center shall be open from the tenth business day preceding the day of the election during regular business hours until the closing hour of voting and at the same times statewide.  The clerks may operate additional voter service centers with varying days or hours of operation to service the voters of particular areas that otherwise could not support the operation of a voter service center for ten business days or the same times statewide.  Anyone standing in line at a voter service center at the closing hour of voting with the intent of voting shall be permitted to do so.  A person eligible to vote but who is not registered to vote standing in line at a voter service center at the closing hour of voting shall be permitted to apply under section 11-15.2 to register to vote and subsequently vote that election day.  To the extent the registration clerk determines the applicant to be registered at that time, the applicant will be permitted to vote a regular ballot.  If additional time is required to process the application, the applicant shall be provided a provisional ballot.

     (c)  Each voter service center shall provide the services specified in section 11-1 under the definition of "voter service center".

     (d)  The clerks may designate and provide for places of deposit to be open as early as the mailing of ballots by the clerks; provided that the locations and apparatus for receiving voted ballots can be securely maintained during the period of use for each election, and as may be permitted by the operational hours. [L 2019, c 136, pt of §2; am L 2021, c 213, §24]