[§11-15.3]  Application to register electronically.  (a)  Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, the clerk of each county may permit a person who has valid government-issued identification that is capable of electronic confirmation to submit an application to register to vote electronically in lieu of a traditional signed application by mail or in person.

     (b)  The electronic application to register to vote shall be substantially similar in content to the application to register pursuant to section 11-15, and shall require the applicant to provide substantially similar information.

     (c)  The applicant's use of the electronic application to register shall constitute consent for election officials to obtain confirmatory information regarding the applicant from government databases associated with government-issued identification, including the applicant's signature.

     (d)  The applicant's signature obtained from the government database may be utilized by election officials to validate and confirm a voter's identity in any election-related matter in which a signature is necessary.

     (e)  The online application system may require additional information from applicants, such as security questions to authenticate any future voter registration transactions by the applicant. [L 2012, c 225, §1]