[§11-10.6]  County voters with special needs advisory committees.  (a)  Each county shall establish a county voters with special needs advisory committee.  The purpose of the advisory committee shall be to ensure equal and independent access to voter registration, casting of ballots, and all other county elections division services.

     (b)  Each advisory committee shall consist of five members appointed by the mayor of each respective county based on recommendations from organizations within the county that are comprised of a majority of officers and members who are persons with physical disabilities including visual impairment.  Each member shall identify as a voter with special needs arising from physical disabilities including visual and hearing impairments which require an accommodation to vote.  The terms of advisory committee members shall be four years; provided that initial terms shall be one, two, three, or four years to ensure staggered rotation of members.

     (c)  Each advisory committee shall meet at least annually to review election procedures, services, and technology and access to information, and shall make recommendations to the office of elections on at least an annual basis.  The advisory committees may meet and subsequently make recommendations at additional times as determined by a majority of the members. [L 2021, c 213, pt of §2]