§11-7.5  Duties of the elections commission.  The duties of the elections commission are to:

     (1)  Hold public hearings;

     (2)  Investigate and hold hearings for receiving evidence of any violations and complaints;

     (3)  Adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91;

     (4)  Employ, without regard to chapter 76, a full-time chief election officer, pursuant to section 11-1.6;

     (5)  Conduct a performance evaluation of the chief election officer within two months after the date a general election is certified;

     (6)  Hold a public hearing on the performance of the chief election officer and consider the information gathered at the hearing in deliberations on the chief election officer's reappointment; and

     (7)  Advise the chief election officer on matters relating to elections. [L 2004, c 57, pt of §6; am L 2015, c 173, §2]