§11-6  Petitions; withdrawal of signatures.  Wherever in this chapter the signatures of registered voters are required on a petition, any voter who, after signing a petition, seeks to withdraw the voter's signature may do so by providing notice in writing to the chief election officer any time before the filing of the petition.  The notice shall include the voter's name, residence address, the month and date portions of the voter's date of birth, the voter's signature, and a statement that the voter wishes to remove the voter's signature from the petition; provided that the written notice shall not require the voter's social security number or any portion thereof and the year portion of the voter's date of birth.  Upon receipt of that notice containing the information required by this section, the chief election officer shall notify the group or individual to whom the petition was issued and the signature of the individual shall not be counted. [L 1993, c 304, §1; am L 2022, c 164, §1]