[§10-18]  Hui `Imi advisory council.  (a)  There is established a Hui `Imi advisory council, to be placed within the office of Hawaiian affairs for administrative purposes only.  The advisory council shall consist of representatives from the following:

     (1)  Office of Hawaiian affairs;

     (2)  Department of education;

     (3)  Department of Hawaiian home lands;

     (4)  Department of health;

     (5)  Department of human services;

     (6)  Department of business, economic development, and tourism;

     (7)  Department of land and natural resources;

     (8)  University of Hawaii;

     (9)  House of representatives standing committee with primary jurisdiction over Hawaiian affairs;

    (10)  Senate standing committee with primary jurisdiction over Hawaiian affairs;

    (11)  Alu Like, Inc.;

    (12)  The Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs;

    (13)  E Ola Mau;

    (14)  The Kamehameha Schools;

    (15)  The Lunalilo Home;

    (16)  The Native Hawaiian Culture and Arts Program of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum;

    (17)  The Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation;

    (18)  Papa Ola Lokahi;

    (19)  The Queen Lili`uokalani Children's Center;

    (20)  Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement; and

    (21)  Any other agency, organization, or entity that expresses interest to participate in fulfilling the advisory council's mandate.

     The advisory council shall make a good faith effort to include as members other public and private agencies, organizations, or entities that express interest in fulfilling the advisory council's mandate.

     (b)  Each member shall be appointed by the director or other chief executive of the member's organization within forty-five days following July 1, 2003.  The advisory council members shall select a chairperson and establish procedural rules for its internal administration.  The rules shall be exempt from the public notice and hearing provisions of chapter 91.  Administrative expenses of the advisory council, such as photocopying, postage, stationery, and office supplies incidental to the performance of members' duties may be reimbursed out of appropriations made to the advisory council, but members of the advisory council shall otherwise serve without compensation and without reimbursement for travel expenses.

     (c)  The Hui `Imi advisory council shall:

     (1)  Serve as a liaison between public and private entities serving the Hawaiian community in the planning and development of collaborative public and private endeavors;

     (2)  Investigate the issues described in the Hui `Imi task force report volumes I and II and such other issues affecting Hawaiians as the advisory council shall designate; and

     (3)  Submit a report of its findings and recommendations, which report shall include an action plan for the implementation of the Hui `Imi task force report volumes I and II, with a view toward incorporating the action plan into the state general plan.  The report shall be submitted to the governor and the legislature no later than twenty days prior to the convening of the regular session of 2005. [L 2003, c 42, §2]


Revision Note


  "July 1, 2003" substituted for "the effective date of this Act".