[§6E-52]  Transfer of lands.  Any county or the State may transfer lands to the department for the purposes of this part, which are declared public purposes, on any terms or conditions or tenure or otherwise as the county or the State may desire to impose, any other law restricting such transfer, or restricting the type, location or classification of lands which may be transferred, to the contrary notwithstanding.  Lands under Executive Order No. 1534, dated November 19, 1952, are transferred to the department of land and natural resources; provided that the aforesaid land under Executive Order No. 1534, subject to current encumbrances and the agreement reached on August 3, 1961, between the Pacific War Memorial Commission of Hawaii and the Disabled American Veterans, shall be used for the purposes for which that land was set aside, a site for the creation and maintenance of a living war memorial as provided by Act 288, Session Laws of Hawaii 1949, as amended by Joint Resolution 37, Session Laws of Hawaii 1951. [L 1981, c 135, pt of §3]