§6E-16  Hawaii historic preservation special fund.  (a)  There is established a Hawaii historic preservation special fund into which shall be deposited the following moneys:

     (1)  Appropriations by the legislature to the special fund;

     (2)  Gifts, donations, and grants from public agencies and private persons;

     (3)  All proceeds collected by the department derived from historic preserve user fees, historic preserve leases or concession fees, fees charged to carry out the purposes of this chapter, or the sale of goods; and

     (4)  Civil, criminal, and administrative penalties, fines, and other charges collected under this chapter or any rule adopted pursuant to this chapter.

All interest earned or accrued on moneys deposited in the fund shall become part of the fund.  The fund shall be administered by the department; provided that the department may contract with a public or private agency to provide the day-to-day management of the fund.

     (b)  Subject to legislative authorization, the department may expend moneys from the fund:

     (1)  For permanent and temporary staff positions;

     (2)  To replenish goods;

     (3)  To produce public information materials;

     (4)  To provide financial assistance to public agencies and private agencies in accordance with chapter 42F involved in historic preservation activities other than those covered by section 6E-9; and

     (5)  To cover administrative and operational costs of the historic preservation program.

     (c)  The department shall adopt rules in accordance with chapter 91 for the purposes of this section. [L 1989, c 388, §2; am L 1991, c 335, §2; am L 1997, c 207, §2; am L 1998, c 311, §2; am L 2006, c 214, §1]




  The L 1997, c 190, §6 amendment was not made to this section.