[§6E-11.6]  Administrative penalties.  (a)  In addition to any other administrative or judicial remedy provided by this chapter, or by rules adopted pursuant to this chapter, the board may impose by order the penalties specified in section 6E-11.5.

     (b)  Factors to be considered in imposing an administrative penalty include:

     (1)  The nature and history of the violation and of any prior violations;

     (2)  The economic benefit to the violator, or anticipated by the violator, resulting from the violation;

     (3)  The opportunity, difficulty, and history of corrective action;

     (4)  Good faith efforts to comply; and

     (5)  Such other matters as justice may require.

     (c)  It is presumed that the violator's economic and financial conditions allow payment of the penalty, and the burden of proof to the contrary is on the violator.

     (d)  In any judicial proceeding to recover the administrative penalty imposed, the board need only show that:

     (1)  Notice was given;

     (2)  A hearing was held, or the time granted for requesting a hearing has run without such a request;

     (3)  The administrative penalty was imposed; and

     (4)  The penalty remains unpaid. [L 2003, c 104, pt of §2]