[§6E-1]  Declaration of intent.  The Constitution of the State of Hawaii recognizes the value of conserving and developing the historic and cultural property within the State for the public good.  The legislature declares that the historic and cultural heritage of the State is among its important assets and that the rapid social and economic developments of contemporary society threaten to destroy the remaining vestiges of this heritage.  The legislature further declares that it is in the public interest to engage in a comprehensive program of historic preservation at all levels of government to promote the use and conservation of such property for the education, inspiration, pleasure, and enrichment of its citizens.  The legislature further declares that it shall be the public policy of this State to provide leadership in preserving, restoring, and maintaining historic and cultural property, to ensure the administration of such historic and cultural property in a spirit of stewardship and trusteeship for future generations, and to conduct activities, plans, and programs in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement of historic and cultural property. [L 1976, c 104, pt of §2]


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  Foundation on culture and the arts, see chapter 9.