5-5 State seal, description. The great seal of the State shall be circular in shape, two and three-quarters inches in diameter, and of the design being described, with the tinctures added as a basis for the coat of arms as follows:

Arms. An heraldic shield which is quarterly; first and fourth, stripes of the Hawaiian flag; second and third, on a yellow field, a white ball pierced on a black staff; overall, a green escutcheon with a five-pointed yellow star in the center.

Supporters. On the right side, Kamehameha I, standing in the attitude as represented by the bronze statue in front of Aliiolani Hale, Honolulu; cloak and helmet yellow; figure in natural colors. To the left, goddess of liberty, wearing a Phrygian cap and laurel wreath, and holding in right hand the Hawaiian flag, partly unfurled.

Crest. A rising sun irradiated in gold, surrounded by a legend "State of Hawaii, 1959", on a scroll, black lettering.

Motto. "Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono" on the scroll at bottom, gold lettering.

Further accessories. Below the shield, the bird phoenix wings outstretched; arising from flames, body black, wings half yellow, half dark red; also eight taro leaves, having on either side banana foliage and sprays of maiden hair fern, trailed upwards. [L 1901, c 16, 1; RL 1925, 143; RL 1935, 7771; RL 1945, 12941; RL 1955, 14-5; am L 1957, c 29, 1; am L 1959, c 272, 2; HRS 5-5]




The seal is the same as that of the Republic of Hawaii, except that the latter was three inches in diameter and had the legend "Republic of Hawaii". See L 1896, p 272, joint resolution; CL 24.


Great Seal of the




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