[4E-3] Responsibilities of the board. (a) The board shall designate the official names and spellings of geographic features in Hawaii and provide for circulation thereof to the appropriate state and other agencies. In its deliberations, the board shall solicit and consider the advice and recommendations of the appropriate county government officials, and, should the board desire, other knowledgeable persons.

(b) The department of land and natural resources shall publish an annual list of its decisions, together with information regarding location, the origin and meaning of names, and alternate names and spellings for the features named, which list together with the pertinent information shall be sent to the board of geographic names of the United States.

(c) The departments of the State shall use or cause to be used on all maps and documents prepared by or for them the names and spellings approved by the board on geographic names; provided that such names or spellings shall not be contrary to legally established names or spellings. [L 1974, c 50, pt of 2]



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