§1-19  "Person", "others", "any", etc.  The word "person", or words importing persons, for instance, "another", "others", "any", "anyone", "anybody", and the like, signify not only individuals, but corporations, firms, associations, societies, communities, assemblies, inhabitants of a district, or neighborhood, or persons known or unknown, and the public generally, where it appears, from the subject matter, the sense and connection in which such words are used, that such construction is intended. [CC 1859, §17; RL 1925, §16; RL 1935, §17; am L 1939, c 150, §1; RL 1945, §16; am L 1945, c 233, §3; am L 1955, c 57, §1(e); RL 1955, §1-24; HRS §1-19]


Case Notes


  Though "person" includes corporation, term "corporation" held not to include an individual.  22 H. 660, 662.

  Applicability of various statutes to counties discussed, counties as "corporations".  17 H. 9, 14.  Municipal corporation subject to garnishment as a "person".  23 H. 564, 568.