1-10 Effect of repeal on accrued rights. The repeal of any law shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing, accrued, acquired, or established, or any suit or proceedings had or commenced in any civil case, before the time when the repeal takes effect. [CC 1859, 22; RL 1925, 24; RL 1935, 26; RL 1945, 26; RL 1955, 1-13; HRS 1-10]


Rules of Court


Effect of rules of court on pending proceedings, see HRPP rule 59 and Sup. Ct. order of October 29, 1976.


Attorney General Opinions


New administrative rules superseded old rules as to all matters except permit applications that were filed before July 1, 1994; further, on or after July 1, 1994, when statutory authority for old rules was repealed, the old rules were void and not in effect, the only exception being with respect to pending permit applications from the period before July 1, 1994. Att. Gen. Op. 97-4.


Case Notes


A law repealing former divorce laws does not affect pending suits. 3 H. 304.

Repeal in 1859 of provision for reservation of mineral rights, effect of. 49 H. 429, 442, 421 P.2d 570.



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