[1-4.5] Cession of concurrent jurisdiction. (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, the State of Hawaii hereby cedes concurrent legislative jurisdiction to the United States over the lands and improvements located in the State presently owned or hereafter acquired, whether acquired by condemnation or otherwise, leased, occupied, or controlled by or for the United States Department of Justice, or any of its component agencies or bureaus, for correctional purposes.

(b) Cession of concurrent legislative jurisdiction, in accordance with subsection (a), shall only take effect upon the acceptance of such jurisdiction by the United States. The concurrent legislative jurisdiction so ceded shall end as to any such lands, improvements, or such portions thereof, that cease to be owned, leased, occupied, or controlled by or on behalf of the United States for correctional purposes. [L 1998, c 291, 1]



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