§225.  Investment of funds; disposition.  (a)  The department shall have the power and authority to invest and reinvest any of the moneys in any of its funds, not otherwise immediately needed for the purposes of the funds, in such bonds and securities as authorized by state law for the investment of state sinking fund moneys.

    (b)   (1)  The department may receive, manage, and invest moneys or other property, real, personal or mixed, or any interest therein, which may be given, bequeathed, or devised, or in any manner received from sources other than the legislature or any federal appropriation, for the purposes of the Act.

     (2)  All moneys received by or on behalf of the department shall be deposited into the state treasury to be expended according to law and for purposes in accordance with the terms and conditions of the gift.  All moneys shall be appropriated for purposes enumerated in such gifts and if no specific purpose is enumerated, shall be appropriated to the Hawaiian home trust fund.

     (3)  The department is authorized to sell, lease, or in any way manage such real, personal, or mixed property or any interest therein, in the manner and for the purposes enumerated in the gift.  If no conditions are enumerated, the gift may be sold, leased, managed, or disposed of and the income or proceeds therefrom shall be deposited into the Hawaiian home trust fund.

     (4)  The real property or any interest therein received by the department through contributions or grants shall not attain the status of Hawaiian home lands as defined in section [201(a)].

     (5)  The department shall cause to be kept suitable books of account wherein shall be recorded each gift, the essential facts of the management thereof, and the expenditure of income.

     (6)  Any action to be taken with respect to gifts shall be made in a public meeting where any pertinent information and reasons for any decisions shall be fully disclosed. [Add Nov. 26, 1941, c 544, §8, 55 Stat 787; Jun. 14, 1948, c 464, §9, 62 Stat 394; am L 1963, c 207, §5(a); am L 1965, c 30, §1; am L 1978, c 229, §4; am L 1981, c 192, §2; am L 1983, c 143, §2]


Revision Note


  In subsection (a)(4), reference to "201(a)" substituted for "201(a)(5)".