§213.5.  Establishment of special fund.  A separate special fund of the department shall be established for each undertaking or part thereof financed from the proceeds of revenue bonds equally secured.  Each fund shall be designated "department of Hawaiian home lands revenue bond special fund" and bear any additional designation the department deems appropriate to properly identify the fund.  Any law to the contrary notwithstanding, including any provision of this Act, from and after the issuance of revenue bonds under and pursuant to the provisions of this Act and part III of chapter 39, Hawaii Revised Statutes, to finance an undertaking, all rentals, income, receipts, and other revenues derived by the department from the particular undertaking for which financing is undertaken shall be paid into the special fund established pursuant to this Act and applied in the manner and for the purposes set forth in part III of chapter 39, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and the proceedings authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds. [L 1989, c 283, pt of §2; ree L 1997, c 197, §7]