Section 9.  All laws in force at the time amendments to this constitution take effect that are not inconsistent with the constitution as amended shall remain in force, mutatis mutandis, until they expire by their own limitations or are amended or repealed by the legislature.

     Except as otherwise provided by amendments to this constitution, all existing writs, actions, suits, proceedings, civil or criminal liabilities, prosecutions, judgments, sentences, orders, decrees, appeals, causes of action, contracts, claims, demands, titles and rights shall continue unaffected notwithstanding the taking effect of the amendments and may be maintained, enforced or prosecuted, as the case may be, before the appropriate or corresponding tribunals or agencies of or under the State or of the United States, in all respects as fully as could have been done prior to the taking effect of the amendments. [Ren and am Const Con 1968 and election Nov 5, 1968; ren Const Con 1978 and election Nov 7, 1978]


Cross References


  Admission Act, see §15.


Attorney General Opinions


  All laws, territorial or federal, relating to the public lands of Hawaii, were continued in force upon statehood.  Att. Gen. Op. 61-68.


Case Notes


  See also note to Admission Act, §15.

  Discussed in connection with bonds.  44 H. 154, 352 P.2d 861.

  Intent of constitutional convention; relationship between this section and §15 of the Admission Act.  44 H. 634, 361 P.2d 390.


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