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• ...manufacturer to be in compliance with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as of the date of manufacture, ...
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• ...103D-412  Motor vehicle requirements.   (a)  The procurement policy for all agencies purchasing or leasing light-, ...medium-, and heavy-duty motor vehicles shall be to seek vehicles that reduce dependence on petroleum-based fuels that meet the needs ...  Priority for selecting vehicles shall be as follows:      (1)  Zero-emission vehicles;      (2)...Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles;      (3)  Alternative fuel vehicles; and      (4)  Hybrid electric ... vehicles.      (b)  Vehicles shall not be larger than necessary for their intended functions.      (...
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• ...      quot;Authorized emergency vehiclequot; includes fire department vehicles, police vehicles, ambulances, ocean safety vehicles, ...public safety law enforcement vehicles, conservation and resources enforcement vehicles, ...
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• ...      [§269-72]  Electric vehicle charging system; rebate program.   (a)  The public utilities commission, in consultation with ... electric vehicle stakeholders and the state energy office, shall administer a rebate program that incentivizes the installation or upgrade ...of an electric vehicle charging system, as provided in this section, and may contract with a third-party administrator ...under the rebate program if the applicant:      (1)  Installs a new electric vehicle charging system where none previously existed to either:...or more ports that provide electricity to two or more electric vehicles; or           (B)  A direct ...
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• ...absolute; }      §196-9  Energy efficiency and environmental standards for state facilities, motor vehicles, and transportation fuel.  (a)  Each ...
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• ...6 Collisions involving bodily injury     291C-13 Collisions involving damage to vehicle or property     291C-14 Duty to give information and ...
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• ...  Operation Section      291-1 Definitions      291-2 Reckless driving of vehicle or riding of animals;            penalty      291-3 Repealed    291-3....1 Consuming or possessing intoxicating liquor while            operating motor vehicle or moped    291-3.2 Consuming or possessing intoxicating liquor ...while a            passenger in a motor vehicle    291-3.3 Storage of opened container containing intoxicating            liquor or consumption ...possession of intoxicating            liquor while a passenger in a motor vehicle, storage            of opened container containing intoxicating liquor ...surcharge     291-17 Mobile electronic devices; use while operating a            commercial motor vehicle prohibited           Part II.  Equipment     291-21 ...
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• ...  PARKING FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES   Note     Part heading amended by L 2021, c 75, §...        §291-71  Designation of parking spaces for electric vehicle charging systems.   (a)  Places of public accommodation with ...shall have at least one parking space equipped with an electric vehicle charging system located anywhere in the parking structure ...or lot; provided that no parking space designated for electric vehicles shall displace or reduce accessible stalls required by the ...Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines; provided further that no vehicle shall be permitted to park in a parking space ...
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• ...      [§36-42]   Vehicle fleet performance contracts for vehicle fleet energy efficiency programs.   (a)  All agencies shall identify and ...evaluate vehicle fleet energy ...
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• ...5]  Placement of electric vehicle charging system.  (a)  Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, no person ...codicil, contract, or similar agreement, however worded, from installing an electric vehicle charging system on or near the parking stall ...adopt rules that reasonably restrict the placement and use of electric vehicle charging systems for the purpose of charging electrical ... vehicles in the parking stalls of any multi-family residential dwelling or townhouse; provided that those restrictions shall not prohibit ...the placement or use of electric vehicle charging systems altogether.  No private entity shall assess or charge any homeowner ...
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