Part I. General Provisions


149A-1 Short title

149A-2 Definitions

149A-3 Delegation of duties

149A-4 Effect of chapter on department of health


Part II. Pesticide Licensing and Sale

149A-11 Prohibited acts

149A-12 Exemptions

149A-13 Procedure for licensing pesticides

149A-13.5 Pesticide use revolving fund; pesticide training

workshops; training fee

149A-14 Refusal, cancellation, or suspension of the license

149A-15 Labeling requirements

149A-15.5 Pesticide information signs

149A-16 Coloration of certain pesticides

149A-17 Sales, permit, and record

149A-18 Denial, suspension, or revocation of permit

149A-19 Determination; rules; uniformity

149A-20 Seizures; "stop-sale" and "removal from sale" orders

149A-21 Enforcement

149A-22 Authority

149A-23 Cooperation


Part III. Pesticide Use

149A-31 Prohibited acts

149A-31.2 Pesticide use; posting online

149A-32 Repealed

149A-32.5 Cancellation or suspension of pesticide uses

149A-33 Rules

149A-34 Denial, suspension, or revocation of certificate

149A-35 Cooperation

149A-36 Authority to inspect

149A-37 Exemptions

149A-38 Repealed


Part IV. Violations, Warning Notice, and Penalties

149A-41 Violations, warning notice, and penalties


Part V. Advisory Committee

149A-51 Advisory committee


Part VI. Miscellaneous Provisions

149A-52 Severability

149A-53 Applicability of chapter 91




Pesticide subsidy program for coffee growers; report to 2019 legislature (repealed June 30, 2019). L 2014, c 105, 3; L 2015, c 152, 1.


Cross References


Rules for pesticide information signs, see 149A-15.5.


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