[712-1240.9] Methamphetamine trafficking; restitution and reimbursement. When sentencing a defendant convicted of methamphetamine trafficking pursuant to section 712-1240.7 or 712-1240.8, the court may order restitution or reimbursement to the State or appropriate county government for the cost incurred for any cleanup associated with the manufacture or distribution of methamphetamine and to any other person injured as a result of the manufacture or distribution of methamphetamine. [L 2006, c 230, pt of 4]


COMMENTARY ON 712-1240.7 TO 712-1240.9


Act 230, Session Laws 2006, added 712-1240.7 and 712-1240.8, methamphetamine trafficking in the first and second degrees. House Standing Committee Report No. 665-06.

Act 230, Session Laws 2006, also added 712-1240.9, authorizing a court to order restitution or reimbursement when sentencing a defendant convicted under 712-1240.7 or 712-1240.8.



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