651 Attachment and Execution

  651C Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act

   652 Garnishment

   653 Garnishment of Government Beneficiaries

   654 Special Proceedings for Immediate Possession of

       Personal Property

   655 Deposit and Delivery

   656 Frauds, Statute of

   657 Limitation of Actions

  657D Civil Relief for State Military Forces

   658 Arbitration and Awards--Repealed

  658A Uniform Arbitration Act

  658B Uniform Foreign-Money Claims Act

  658C Uniform Foreign Money-Judgments Recognition


  658D International Arbitration

  658F Uniform Foreign-Country Money Judgments Recognition Act

  658G Hawaii Uniform Collaborative Law Act

  658H Uniform Mediation Act

   659 Quo Warranto

   660 Habeas Corpus

   661 Actions By and Against the State

   662 State Tort Liability Act

  662D Volunteer Service; Immunity

  662E Claims Against Government Arising Out of Year 2000


   663 Tort Actions

  663A Civil Liability for Shoplifting

  663B Equine Activities

  663D Drug Dealer Liability--Repealed

  663E Drug Dealer Liability

  663J Liability for Coercion into Prostitution

  663M Year 2000 Errors in Computer-Based Systems--Repealed

   664 Boundaries, Fences, Ways, Water Rights

   665 Escheat

   666 Landlord and Tenant

   667 Foreclosures

   668 Partition of Real Estate

   669 Quieting Title

   671 Medical Torts

  671D Health Care Peer Review

   672 Design Professional Conciliation Panel--Repealed

  672B Design Claim Conciliation Panel

  672E Contractor Repair Act

   673 Native Hawaiian Trusts Judicial Relief Act

   674 Individual Claims Resolution Under the Hawaiian

       Home Lands Trust

   675 Tobacco Liability Act

   676 Structured Settlement Protection Act




  As to procedural statutes superseded by the rules of court, see note preceding Title 32.





        Part I.  Attachment


    651-1 General provisions

    651-2 Writ; issued when

    651-3 Affidavit

    651-4 Bond; amount and conditions

    651-5 Additional security

    651-6 Action on bond

    651-7 Writ; how issued

    651-8 Amount levied on

    651-9 Writ; how executed

   651-10 Indemnity for police officer

   651-11 Execution in order of receipt

   651-12 Examination of defendant; where no property known

   651-13 Attached property; sale of

   651-14 Appointment of receiver

   651-15 Officer's return; how made

   651-16 Discharge of writ

   651-17 Discharge by bond of defendant

   651-18 Discharge of writ when improperly issued

   651-19 Recording discharge

   651-20 Judgment satisfied out of attached property

   651-21 Deficiency


        Part II.  Execution

   651-31 Time of issuance

   651-32 Execution, district court; form

 651-32.1 Repealed

   651-33 Bond for expenses on execution

   651-34 Time within which execution shall be returnable

   651-35 When property in circuit insufficient

   651-36 Execution, courts of record; form

   651-37 Address, signature

   651-38 Alias writs

   651-39 Available in all circuits

   651-40 Stay by judge; effect

   651-41 Priority in levying

   651-42 How levy made, inventory

   651-43 Advertisement for sale

   651-44 Sale; proceeds; return

   651-45 Postponement of sale

   651-46 Deeds, etc.

   651-47 Levy on and execution sale of investment securities;

          garnishment the proper procedure when the security is

          subject to right of possession of third party

   651-48 Same, penalty

   651-49 Only defendant's interest sold

   651-50 Liability for exceeding powers

   651-51 Indemnity bond

   651-52 Indemnity, how collected


        Part III.  Exemptions


         A.  Generally

   651-61 Exemption, how claimed

   651-62 Indemnity bond if exemption claimed

   651-63 Liability for selling exempt property

   651-64 Seizure of exempt property

   651-65 to 67 Repealed

   651-68 Proceedings on execution; appraisers; expiration of

          lien, result

   651-69 Application form contents

   651-70 Service of petition and notice of hearing; effects of

          failure to serve; appointment of appraisers


         B.  Real Property

   651-91 Definitions

   651-92 Real property exempt

   651-93 Effect of separation, divorce, reconciliation

   651-94 Proceedings where real property can be divided without

          material injury

   651-95 Sale where real property cannot be divided;

          application of proceeds

   651-96 After sale, money equal to real property exemption



         C.  Personal Property

  651-121 Certain personal property and insurance thereon,


  651-122 Personal property not exempt

  651-123 Application of proceeds of sale

  651-124 Pension money exempt




  As to procedural statutes superseded by the rules of court, see note preceding Title 32.


Case Notes


  Validity of prejudgment replevin provisions authorizing taking of property without affording prior opportunity to be heard.  407 U.S. 67.


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