[321-362.5] Screening for hearing impairment. (a) All newborn infants shall be screened for hearing impairment for early identification of children with hearing loss and for the promotion of their development of language and communication.

(b) The person in charge of each birthing facility caring for newborn infants and the responsible physician attending the birth of a newborn or the person assisting the birth of a child not attended by a physician shall ensure that every infant in the person's care be screened for hearing impairment. This section shall not apply if the parent, guardian, or other person having custody or control of the child objects to the screening in writing on the grounds that the screening conflicts with their religious beliefs. The written objection shall be made a part of the infant's medical record.

(c) Birthing facilities screening newborn infants for hearing impairment shall report screening results to the department, for the purpose of the department ensuring a statewide system for the screening, diagnostic evaluation, and intervention for all newborn infants with hearing impairment. [L 2001, c 42, 1]


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