321-362 Duties. It shall be the duty and responsibility of the department to:

(1) Establish, implement, and evaluate a statewide program for early identification of, and intervention for, hearing impairment in infants;

(2) Establish standards and guidelines for the screening, identification, diagnosis, intervention, and monitoring of infants with hearing impairment and infants at risk for delayed onset of hearing impairment;

(3) Develop a plan in conjunction with the department of education's statewide center for students with hearing or visual impairments to involve the parents or guardians with the medical and educational follow-up and management of infants who have been identified as hearing-impaired or at risk of delayed onset of hearing impairments; and

(4) Collect and analyze program data in relation to the duties and responsibilities of the department. [L 1990, c 85, pt of 3; am L 2001, c 42, pt of 2]


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