[302A-1509] Environmentally-sensitive cleaning and maintenance products for use in public schools. The department of education shall require that all public school facilities give first preference, where feasible, to the purchase and use of environmentally-sensitive cleaning and maintenance products that have been approved by the Green Seal program pursuant to section 321-26.5, for use in public school facilities:

(1) To clean hard surfaces in bathrooms such as counters, walls, floors, fixtures, basins, tubs, or tile;

(2) To eliminate dirt and stains on rugs and carpeting;

(3) For routine cleaning of hard surfaces, including impervious flooring such as concrete or tile; provided that this category shall not include:

(A) Products intended primarily to strip, polish, or wax floors; or

(B) Cleaners intended primarily for cleaning toilet bowls, dishes, laundry, upholstery, or wood;

(4) To clean glass, windows, mirrors, or metallic or polished surfaces;

(5) For routine, non-specialized hand cleaning;

(6) Paper towels or other paper used for cleaning; provided that this category shall not include toilet paper, facial tissue, or paper towels used for drying hands; and

(7) Other categories as identified in the department of health. [L Sp 2009, c 13, 1]



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