[§302A-102]  Smoking prohibited; exception.  (a)  All public schools within the State, from kindergarten through grade twelve, shall prohibit the use of tobacco at public schools or at public school functions.

     (b)  The department shall provide affected public employees  with breaks throughout the work day during which they may smoke at locations off-campus.  The number and duration of such breaks shall be subject to collective bargaining.

     (c)  The department shall provide a smoking cessation program for public employees who are interested in participating; provided that issues relating to the costs of the program shall be subject to collective bargaining.

     (d)  This section shall not be subject to part II of chapter 328K. [L 2004, c 87, §2]




  Part II of chapter 328K referred to in text is repealed.  Similar provisions, see chapter 328J.


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