281 Intoxicating Liquor





        Part I.  General Provisions


    281-1 Definitions

    281-2 Excepted articles; penalty

    281-3 Illegal manufacture, importation, or sale of liquor

    281-4 Liquor consumption on unlicensed premises

          prohibited, when

    281-5 Powdered alcohol


        Part II.  Liquor Commissions

   281-11 County liquor commissions and liquor control

          adjudication boards; qualifications; compensation

 281-11.5 Liquor commission and board attorney

   281-12 Commission and board office

   281-13 Meetings

   281-14 Records

   281-15 Reports, accounts, audit

   281-16 County liquor commission and liquor control

          adjudication board funds; disposition of realization;

          payment of expenses

   281-17 Jurisdiction and powers

 281-17.5 Fees; justified, method of change, limitation

   281-18 Repealed

   281-19 Hearings, attendance, examinations

   281-20 General right of inspection

   281-21 Service of subpoenas by investigators, police officers,

          or other law enforcement officers; witnesses' fees

   281-22 Political activities of commission employees


        Part III.  Licenses and Permits, General Provisions

   281-31 Licenses, classes

   281-32 Licenses, temporary

 281-32.3 Repealed

 281-32.5 Permits for trade shows or other exhibitions

   281-33 Special powers, privileges, and rights

 281-33.1 Individual permits to receive shipments of liquor

 281-33.5 Repealed

 281-33.6 Direct shipment of wine by wineries

   281-34 Sham operation under club license; supervision

   281-35 Special conditions; club licenses

 281-35.5 Special conditions; condominium hotel licenses

   281-36 Repealed

   281-37 Sales of alcohol

   281-38 Conditions of licenses

   281-39 Place of business; exception; solicitors' and

          representatives' permits

 281-39.5 Liquor license prohibited; where

   281-40 Unlicensed liquor

   281-41 Transfer of licenses; notice of change in officers,

          directors, and stockholders of corporate licenses,

          partners of a partnership license, and members of a

          limited liability company license; penalty

   281-42 Manufacturers and wholesale dealers, special


   281-43 Repealed

   281-44 Advertisements and signs upon licensed premises

   281-45 No license issued, when

   281-46 Pool buying

   281-47 Standard bar; music and dancing available


        Part IV.  Procedure for Obtaining License

   281-51 Prior inspection

   281-52 Public hearing

   281-53 Application; penalty for false statements

 281-53.5 County liquor commissions; criminal history record


   281-54 Filing fees with application

   281-55 Reference to investigator

   281-56 Report by investigator

   281-57 Preliminary hearing; notice of public hearing

   281-58 Protests

   281-59 Hearing; rehearing

   281-60 Further application

   281-61 Renewals

   281-62 Reduction or increase in area of licensed premises


        Part V.  Duties of and Supervision over Licensee

   281-71 Posting of license

   281-72 Condition of premises

   281-73 Quality of liquor; penalty

   281-74 Labels on containers

   281-75 Analyses

   281-76 Tampering with samples; penalty

   281-77 Refusal of samples; penalty

   281-78 Prohibitions

 281-78.5 Practices to promote excessive consumption of liquor;


   281-79 Entry for examination; obstructing liquor commission

          operations; penalty

   281-80 Arrest

   281-81 Repealed

   281-82 No action for debt

   281-83 Repealed

   281-84 Exclusion of intoxicated person from premises; penalty

   281-85 Prize, gift, premium, and other inducement


        Part VI.  Revocation of License

   281-91 Revocation or suspension of license; hearing

   281-92 Appeals

   281-93 Reports to prosecuting officers

   281-94 Forfeiture of fee paid

   281-95 Bankruptcy, insolvency, death

   281-96 Cancellation

   281-97 When sale without license authorized


        Part VII.  General Violations and Prosecutions

  281-101 Manufacture or sale without license; penalty

281-101.4 Hearing, illegal manufacture, importation, or sale of


281-101.5 Prohibitions involving minors; penalty

  281-102 Other offenses; penalty

281-102.5 Purchasing from other than primary source of supply;


  281-103 Repealed

  281-104 Investigators, employees, counsel for

  281-105 Determination whether acts were in scope of duty

  281-106 Prosecutions not to exclude other remedies affecting

          license or goods

  281-107 Presumptive evidence

  281-108 Search warrants; seizure

  281-109 Seizure without warrant

  281-110 Arrest; abetters

  281-111 Condemnation of property or liquor; disposition

  281-112 Repealed

  281-113 Claims

  281-114 Appeals


        Part VIII.  Price Discrimination in Supplying Liquor--


  281-121 to 124 Repealed




  Under Article VIII, Section 2, of the State Constitution, charter provisions relating to a county's executive, legislative and administrative structure and organization are superior to statutory provisions.  And under HRS §50-10, charter provisions supersede all laws affecting the organization and government of the county which are in conflict therewith.  Accordingly, the charters should be consulted to determine whether any of the provisions set out in this chapter have been superseded in whole or in part.


Cross References


  National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline; posting requirement; penalty, see §371-20.


Case Notes


  Liquor commission may adopt administrative rules to prevent racial discrimination.  69 H. 238, 738 P.2d 1205.

  Defendants' motion to dismiss complaint granted insofar as it asserted claims against the liquor commission; the commission lacked the capacity to be sued.  681 F. Supp. 2d 1209 (2009).

  Plaintiff must exhaust its administrative remedy in the circuit court before it may pursue its state law claims, as required by §281-17; thus, defendants' motion to dismiss  plaintiff's state law claims under the state constitution, this chapter, and the liquor commission rules, granted.  681 F. Supp. 2d 1209 (2009).



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