Part I. Public Utilities, Generally


269-1 Definitions

269-2 Public utilities commission; number, appointment

of commissioners, qualifications; compensation;

persons having interest in public utilities;


269-3 Employment of assistants

269-4 Repealed

269-5 Annual report and register of orders

269-6 General powers and duties

269-6.5 Electronic copies of documents

269-7 Investigative powers

269-7.5 Certificates of public convenience and necessity

269-8 Public utilities to furnish information

269-8.2 Location of records

269-8.5 Annual financial reports

269-9 Report accidents

269-10 Commission may compel attendance of witnesses, etc.

269-11 Repealed

269-12 Notices

269-13 Right to be represented by counsel

269-14 Repealed

269-14.5 Appointment of receiver for public utilities

269-15 Commission may institute proceedings to enforce


269-15.5 Appeals

269-15.6 Alternative dispute resolution

269-16 Regulation of utility rates; ratemaking procedures

269-16.2 Approval of rules of a public utility

269-16.21 Repealed

269-16.22 Power purchase agreements; cost recovery for electric


269-16.3 Statewide rate increase surcharge assessment on

ratepayers in emergency situations

269-16.4 Annual fuel mix disclosure

269-16.5 Lifeline telephone rates

269-16.6 Telecommunications relay services for the deaf,

persons with hearing disabilities, and persons with

speech disabilities

269-16.7 Repealed

269-16.8 Aggregators of telephone service requirements

269-16.85 Retail intrastate services; fully competitive

269-16.9 Telecommunications providers and services

269-16.91 Universal service subsidies

269-16.92 Changes in subscriber carrier selections; prior

authorization required; penalties for unauthorized


269-16.95 Emergency telephone service; capital costs;


269-17 Issuance of securities

269-17.5 Issuance of voting stock; restrictions

269-18 Acquirement of stock of another public utility

269-19 Merger and consolidation of public utilities

269-19.5 Relations with an affiliated interest; definition;

contracts with affiliates filed and subject to

commission action

269-20 Certificates of public convenience and necessity

for water carriers

269-21, 22 Repealed

269-23 Liability of initial and delivering common carrier

for loss; limitation of liability; notice and filing

of claim

269-24 Repealed

269-25 Valuations

269-26 Investigation of water rates charged by lessee

under state leases

269-26.5 Preferential water rates for agricultural activities

269-26.6 Preferential water carrier service rates for

agricultural activities

269-27 Prevention of unreasonable water rates

269-27.1 Establishment of geothermal energy rates

269-27.2 Utilization of electricity generated from nonfossil


269-27.3 Preferential renewable energy rates; agricultural


269-27.5 Construction of high-voltage electric transmission

lines; hearing

269-27.6 Construction of high-voltage electric transmission

lines; overhead or underground construction

269-28 Penalty

269-29 Perjury

269-30 Finances; public utility fee

269-31 Application of this chapter

269-32 Injury to public utility property

269-33 Public utilities commission special fund

269-34 Obligations of telecommunications carriers

269-35 Universal service

269-36 Telecommunications number portability

269-37 Compensation agreements

269-38 Regulatory flexibility for effectively competitive


269-39 Cross-subsidies

269-40 Access to advanced services

269-41 Universal service program; establishment; purpose;


269-42 Universal service program; contributions

269-43 Carriers of last resort

269-44 Solar water heater system standards

269-45 Gas utility companies; renewable energy; reporting



Part II. Consumer Advocate

269-51 Consumer advocate; executive director of the

division of consumer advocacy

269-52 Division of consumer advocacy; personnel

269-53 Legal counsel

269-54 General powers; duties

269-55 Handling of complaints


Part III. Other Provisions

269-71 Meter tampering


Part IV. Gas Pipeline Systems--Repealed

269-81 to 84 Repealed


Part V. Renewable Portfolio Standards

269-91 Definitions

269-92 Renewable portfolio standards

269-93 Achieving portfolio standard

269-94 Waivers, extensions, and incentives

269-95 Renewable portfolio standards study

269-96 Energy-efficiency portfolio standards


Part VI. Net Energy Metering

269-101 Definitions

269-101.5 Maximum capacity of eligible customer-generator

269-102 Standard contract or tariff; rate structure

269-103 Generating capacity

269-104 Additional customer-generators

269-105 Calculation

269-106 Billing periods; twelve-month reconciliation

269-107 Net electricity consumers

269-108 Net electricity producers; excess electricity

credits and credit carry over

269-109 Net electricity consumption or production


269-110 Termination by eligible customer-generators

269-111 Safety and performance standards


Part VII. Public Benefits Fee

269-121 Public benefits fee authorization

269-122 Public benefits fee administrator; establishment

269-123 Requirements for the public benefits fee


269-124 Transitioning from utility demand-side management

programs to the public benefits fee

269‑125 On-bill financing for energy efficiency and renewable



Part VIII. Interisland Transmission System

269-131 Definitions

269-132 Certification

269-133 Transmission tariff

269-134 Cable surcharge

269-135 Recovery of electric utility company costs


Part IX. Electric Reliability

269-141 Definitions

269-142 Reliability standards; interconnection

requirements; adoption and development; force

and effect

269-143 Monitoring

269-144 Compliance and enforcement

269-145 Grid access; procedures for interconnection;

dispute resolution

269-145.5 Advanced grid modernization technology; principles

269-146 Hawaii electricity reliability surcharge;

authorization; cost recovery

269-147 Hawaii electricity reliability administrator;


269-148 Hawaii electricity reliability administrator;


269-149 Funding; reporting


Part X. Green Infrastructure Bonds

269-161 Definitions

269-162 Applications to issue bonds and authorize green

infrastructure fee

269-163 Green infrastructure financing order

269-164 Green infrastructure property

269-165 Bonds financing order

269-166 Green infrastructure fee; nonbypassable

269-167 Electric utility successor requirements; default

of electric utility

269-168 Treatment of bonds, fees, and property

269-169 Green infrastructure property; non-impairment

269-170 Green infrastructure loan program order; application

269-171 Green infrastructure loan program order; issuance

269-172 Electric utilities; cost recovery; billing agent

269-173 Severability

269-174 Miscellaneous

269-175 Revenue bonds; exclusion from debt limit

269-176 Financing order; adjustments to green

infrastructure fee




Transfer of rights, powers, functions, duties, etc. relating to the public utilities commission from the department of budget and finance to the department of commerce and consumer affairs, no later than July 1, 2015. L 2014, c 108, 12 to 19.

2015 green infrastructure loan program study (report to 2016 legislature). L 2013, c 211, 10.

Franchises prior to 1966, see RLH 1955, volume II appendix at page 1720 and 1965 Supp at page 1039.

Broadband services; exemption from certain permitting processes through 2017. L 2011, c 151; L 2013, c 264, 3 (repealed June 30, 2018).

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction task force (report to 2010 legislature and every five years thereafter). L 2007, c 234, 1 to 7.

Honolulu Gas Company. L 1967, c 262.

Kauai Electric Company, Limited. L 1967, c 165.

Maui Electric Company, Limited. L 1991, c 12.

Maui Electric Company, Limited (for Lanai). L 1988, c 54.

Molokai Electric Company, Limited. L 1989, c 147.

Solar water heating pay as you save program pilot project. L 2006, c 240, 13.


Cross References


Natural energy laboratory of Hawaii authority as public utility; when, see 227D-1.5.

Telecommunications and cable industry information reporting, see chapter 440J.


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